Artificial intelligence Electric Shadow Children, Soul exchange, in the shade u can see electricity

(0) Ra talks of his encounters as a child with A.I. Shadow children traveling thru the electricity, electric elixir, soul exchange drag you into the shade where in the still you can see the electricity, in the center of eyes, inside the screen, inside the electricity, in blinking recollections, i know what you mean……..dragonflys and remembrance……

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  1. I had a similar experience as a child. once hearing you speak of this I now realize my brother has had the experience but was too young to talk about it. I saw shadow people at night in my bedroom. I was scared but not so scared. They would rub my back trying to soothe me. I was probably 7 years old when my brother was 4. he had constant ear infections resulting in getting tubes in his ears. I had my tonsillitis constantly and got them removed. my brother stuck a Bobby pin into the bathroom receptacle and burned his thumb quite badly. when asked why he did it he responded "the man told me too". I remember a year or so later there was a similar incident with the refrigerator plug, but someone stopped him before he would have electrocuted himself. we moved a couple years later and all of my experiences stopped. thank you for sharing your experience.

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