Caesar ⚔️ Second Invasion of Britain, 54 BC


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➤ Narration: David McCallion

➤ Graphics and animations: Hoc Est Bellum

➤ Editing, music, sound effects: HistoryMarche

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  1. The Romans were truly a war machine at the time. A Roman soldier's lifestyle from youth onward was nothing but warfare, they were basically metaphorically speaking a pack of well trained and disciplined dogs.

  2. Roman propaganda. King Lud sent his army home for the winter. Lud destroyed a third of his fleet. Invited him for a banquet and told him to go home. Ceaser admits this in his journals. They loaded each ship with three times the soldiers for the journey home. Lud built a triumphal arch in London which was discovered a few years back. Surprise surprise, it was described as Roman. When Caesar arrived they found a land with at least 56 large population centres. Britain's two high kings at the time, they were Caradoc and Arviragus. Caesar arrived shortly after Joseph of Arimathea and the ship that brought the holy family from Israel. Which is the real reason he bothered to come to Britain. Caradoc was betrayed to the Romans. He was taken to Rome where he gave an impassioned speech to the Senate and was allowed to live in Rome and return to Britain after 7 years. For more information i will share a link to a very old book which provides accurate referances.

  3. wait what happened to the lost group of legionaries, when they where coming back they got stranded and where saved by roman chav, one of the most important events which showed why the roman legios loved him.

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