Expedition 41 flight Engineer Astronaut Reid Wiseman Gives Presentation at NASA HQ


NASA Headquarters employees joined Astronaut Reid Wiseman, Expedition 41 flight engineer, for a post-flight presentation on Tuesday, June 23, to learn about his time onboard the space station as part of Expedition 40 and 41. As a member of the ISS Expedition 41 crew, Wiseman began his stay aboard the orbiting laboratory in May 2014 and returned to Earth in November 2014. This mission was his first spaceflight and included almost 13 hours of spacewalking to perform work outside the orbital complex. He and his crewmates also spent hundreds of hours conducting valuable scientific research in areas such as human physiology, medicine, physical science, Earth science and astrophysics.

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  1. The whole presentation was great, I wish you guys had allotted more time to LCDR Reid Wiseman. The early parts of his presentation seemed to have been specifically designed for the kids i.e fly over of Earth, his fly through the length of ISS, water in space etc. Mindful of time-constraints he was forced to fast-forward through that portion to keep time in reserve to buffer for the variability of Q&A….

    Someone buy the man at 50:04 a Beer! His question allowed the LCDR to serve up the pièce de résistance by way of the most impassioned story-telling of re-entry from 50:13 to 54:33

  2. BNCO! Nice work! Amazing presentation! I wasn’t surprised one bit when I learned you became an Astronaut! Proud to know you! If you’re ever passing through DC/Pentagon would love to take you to lunch! J. Naughton

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