NASA Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month 2021


Each May, NASA commemorates Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month to recognize the significant contributions of past and present employees of AAPI descent. Each of them embody the enduring and resilient spirit this community brings to advancing science, research, and discovery. Hear their stories.

Featured in the video:
Anthony Arviola – Langley Research Center
Han Woong (Brian) Bae – Marshall Space Flight Center
Kelly Busquets – Goddard Space Flight Center
Sarat Calmur – Langley Research Center
Gemma Flores – NASA Headquarters
Wensheng Huang – Glenn Research Center
Miki Kenji – Glenn Research Center
Alex Lin – Langley Research Center
Rita Melvin – Goddard Space Flight Center
Kartik Sheth – NASA Headquarters
Steve Shih – NASA Headquarters
Emilie Siochi – Langley Research Center
Jenny Staggs – Armstrong Flight Research Center
Githika Tondapu – Marshall Space Flight Center
Sara Tsui – Kennedy Space Center
Jennifer Turner – Johnson Space Center

Video Credit: NASA 360 – Jessica Wilde, David Shelton, and Scott Bednar

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