Parrot vs Child: The Intelligence Test | Extraordinary Animals | Earth


It’s Griffin versus the nursery school children in another bird brain test for this Extraordinary Animal.

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  1. 2:47
    This kid is right in that a curve can be thought of as the limit case of increasingly small and increasingly numerous line segments. With these infinitely many line segments would come infinitely many corners.

    Of course he isn’t thinking of the precise calculus that would describe the shape, but he seems to have the intuition.

  2. Colour test is not fair, birds dont see colours the same way we do. The parrot got everything right easily except for the colour. He was better at counting corners because the kids counted manually, touching the objects, while the bird counted visually from distance. The bird was better than all the kids.

  3. Reading a few of these comments, no matter what they say….these are beautiful children of god. God bless these children and God bless to the ones who look at them differently.

  4. So no one considered that what Irene taught the bird is that to recognize colours as we do to get the "right" answer?

    You guys think this Dr who spent years with the bird is oblivious to the fact that it sees more colours than we do? The parrot was wrong on the colours, nuff said.

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