Schiaparelli’s descent to Mars


Visualisation of the ExoMars Schiaparelli module entering and descending through the martian atmosphere to land on Mars.

Schiaparelli will enter the atmosphere at about 21 000 km/h and in less than six minutes it will use a heatshield, a parachute and thrusters to slow its descent before touching down in the Meridiani Planum region close to the equator, absorbing the final contact with a crushable structure.

The entire process will take less than six minutes: the animation has been sped up.

Schiaparelli is set to separate from the Trace Gas Orbiter on 16 October, after a seven-month cruise together through space, and will enter the atmosphere on 19 October at 14:42 GMT.

For an overview of the key timings and altitudes corresponding to the events portrayed in this animation see the Schiaparelli descent sequence graphic:

Both Schiaparelli and the Mars scenery in this animation were computer generated.

More about ExoMars:

ExoMars FAQ:

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  1. ESA mission is hoax like all apollo missions- stealing taxpayers money to make cartoons for the moron millions- research and ask for tangible evidence. Wake up people a pie dish flies to Mars- LOL

  2. algo no cuadra, porque la NASA siempre dice que marte tiene la capa de ozono casi inexistente y en las simulaciones siempre parece entrar en una capa de ozono algo densa y con que se supone que hace fricción el paracaídas si no hay oxigeno? no deberia ser asi, bueno todos sabemos que dicen puras mentiras

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