State of NASA Address from Administrator Bridenstine


What have we accomplished and what’s ahead in our mission to explore the Moon, Mars and worlds beyond? On Monday, Feb. 10, 2020, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine spoke from the Stennis Space Center, giving a “State of NASA” update on the Artemis program and more.

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  1. Is this the new CEO of Rocketdyne? It's a shame that NASA sounds slow based on what he says. I always thought it was an organization made of the best and brightest, creating the greatest achievements rapidly. Thank you NASA!

  2. NASA will never get back to the moon without SpaceX. Boeing should be dumped as an unnecessary money pit and that money put into SpaceX and actually get there by 2024. Great animations, too bad that is as far as it will go. What a waste of money the gateway and anything Boeing is. SLS, Lunar station and Starliner will never fly and all that investment money will be lost into the blackhole they have created to destroy money to no benefit. Better to buy fireworks and enjoy burning the money. What a waste. Go SpaceX and Elon Musk.

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