3D virtual tour of the International Space Station


Put your 3D glasses on for this virtual visit of the International Space Station’s modules. Float through the space laboratories and connecting modules from the perspective of an astronaut.

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  1. so looking like first baby steps,a bit like inventing the first radio…..A.. use Imax 3d next time…B…get a more futuristic designer in the house..C.. create a real spaceship,call it Enterprise or something in that order…..D.. find the anti-gravity button,so you can walk and act normal..nope,still a long long way from home..i tell you,in case you did not know…will watch you again in 2120

  2. Could this be uploaded as a side-by-side version using the 3D support of youtube?

    Anaglyph stereo with glasses is horrible. Need glasses, you have ghosting and colors are all messed up. I'd rather be able to choose to view it cross-eyed for a much better effect.

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