Battle of Guruslau ⚔️ Final victory ⚔️ Story of Michael the Brave (Part 5/5)


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Michael the Brave (Part 1 of 5)
Michael the Brave (Part 2 of 5)
Michael the Brave (Part 3 of 5)
Michael the Brave (Part 4 of 5)
Michael the Brave (Part 5 of 5)

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➤ Many thanks to Albert Weber and his team for providing us with authentic contemporary sources, translated in English, which helped greatly in the creation of this series. Make sure to check out their books:

➤ Narration by: David McCallion

➤ Script co-author: Albert Weber

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  1. We've reached the end of Michael's story. It was truly enjoyable to work on this series and I'm enormously thankful for all of your comments and feedback – I've picked up a ton of ideas for this series from you guys that got morphed into a proper series.
    Also, make sure to check out CuriosityStream if you like good documentaries! I prefer the history stuff, but they have something for everyone so you can't go wrong by signing up on a FREE TRIAL using the link and register with the code "historymarche", which will also help my channel a little bit.

  2. Mihai should have married a western princess to secure the alliance. This was the only way during the age where blood color was important
    . He also made a mistake with trying to bring the Orthodox church in Transilvania. He had higher chances of bringing Islam :). But I guess he was too busy with what he knew best, which was warfare.
    Anyway, the unification was never meant to last for too long. “The buffer zone for 3 empires” describes best the 2000 year history of the romanian people. Thats why the country kept its 3 regions. The empires changed throughout time but the story is the same even today. Now Moldova takes all the heat so that the rest of romanians can live a bit better, with less heat from Russia. But to what cost?

    I guess no matter what we do, the geographical location of our country is our blessing and our ultimate curse.

  3. as Romanian ,thank you for making this video, beautiful drama war story…still today my country is catch beetwen interest of others biggest country's…when Romania will be able to make again ''ROMANIA MARE'' ?

  4. Absolutely loved the narrative and screenplay…better than what we gotta put up with the history channel.
    Would like to see a video of Richard vs Saladin. Even though I'm a Saladin fan,, Would like to watch how Richard was able to defeat him in multiple battles. Thank you so very much for the entertainment 😊

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