Battle of Vaslui, 1475


Battle of Vaslui – It is the dead of winter, January 10th 1475. On this day Stefan III, the Prince of Moldavia, leads an army of 30.000 Christian warriors into battle against an invading army of more than 50.000 Ottomans, commanded by Suleiman Pasha, the governor-general of Rumelia. Suleiman was sent by the Ottoman Sultan, Mehmed II – the Conqueror, to permanently crush all resistance and re-establish Ottoman control over Moldavia, after it’s ruler Prince Stefan III stopped paying tribute and began hostile operations against the Ottoman Empire. Suleiman’s army is confident of victory, but the crafty Prince of Moldavia will soon become one of the few men in history who faced such unfavorable odds and yet managed to seriously threaten the mighty Ottoman Empire. Years of conflict between the Princedom of Moldavia and the Ottoman Empire has reached the snow-covered plain near the town of Vaslui , and a battle known locally as the Battle of the High Bridge is about to begin…

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  1. Disinformation disinformation… its a pity that people who watch this will believe this shit. When you say "parts of Hungary *..hmm that was always Transilvania Part of the former Dacia stolen by war by the hungarian empire. Go back in history and do your homework. Unless this is not hungarian propaganda…….would be understandable then . Hungarians made a strong lobby all over the world by the bastard Tom Lantos… but …that can never change the history

  2. It's pronounced Valakia.

    Great video though, I swear whenever I get curious about a battle or conflict that is not too talked about and I am more interested in the first thing that pops up is one of your videos.

    Keep up the good work my dude

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