Centripetal Force Board – Sick Science! #191


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When you swing a bucket of water over your head, you probably expect a big, wet rush of water to soak you as the bucket goes upside down. However, if you were swinging the bucket fast enough, nothing happens. What in the world?!? Well, we have a pretty incredible physics demonstration to help you understand just why you remain dry. It’s called the Centripetal Force Board, and it will help you experience the physics and forces at play when three plastic cups of water leave you high, dry, and with new hands-on science topics in mind.

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1 Comment

  1. Considering the cups and board in isolation. The cups, at any instant, will be travelling outwards tangentially to the centre of rotation by their inertia. They will, however, be forced into a circular path by a centripetal force exerted by the board. The cups will react to this force by exerting a centrifugal force on the board.

    Considering the wider issue your hand will exert a centripetal force on the board and cups which will react by exerting a centrifugal force on your hand.

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