Chem C3000 – Thames & Cosmos


Thames & Cosmos Chem C3000 is without a doubt one of the best starter chemistry kits on the market. The set includes real chemicals and a full color manual to guide you thru over 300 experiments! Excellent preparation for high-school level chemistry.

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  1. Just bought this for my daughter, it looks like an excellent chemistry set. Reviews are universally positive. However, certain chemicals/materials are not included. These are readily available from your local market or hardware store, but you should know you will need these if you want to complete all the labs in the book.

  2. I just started looking into chemistry labs – preferably ones for adults, much like this one because I am looking for one that isn't just vinegar and baking soda! lol Since this is a new year, I wonder if they will come out with a bigger and better version since another review said that the Chem C3000 is much better than the Chem C2000.

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