Did you already know these 4 facts about Mars? #shorts


1. Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. They are both too light for gravity to make them spherical.

2. It has the highest volcano in the Solar System, the Olympus Mons. It rises 25 kilometres above the surrounding plain: Mount Everest is only one third as high.

3. The air is 100 times thinner than on Earth, and mostly made up of carbon dioxide. Human explorers will have to wear oxygen masks and special suits every time they step outside their sealed homes.

4. Like Earth, the Red Planet has two large ice caps at its north and south poles.

Credits: ESA – European Space Agency


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  1. You ruined everything when you said the red planet, first go to a telescope and look at it. It's not red, that's what the idiots from NASA say, I have no idea why and you too because you are their servants unable to think and act without US orders

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