European missions to the International Space Station


Capturing the excitement of three highlights of European manned spaceflight in 2007 and 2008, these clips feature Paolo Nespoli’s STS-120 flight, the Columbus laboratory, and finally the ATV Jules Verne, Europe’s first space ferry.

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  1. It's strange to think, if Britain hadn't declared war on Germany in WW2, the German rocket scientists wouldn't have gone to work in the USA to develop Nasa's rockets to the moon.

  2. @applesweeter : Earth is a tiny planet that is going to die sooner or later. We have all our eggs in one basket, since we just live on this one planet. We have to go to space, and hurry up with it so we can spread out in to space. Spreading life in to other planets is the only real and proper purpose for mankind.

  3. @applesweeter 1, its in the human instinct to travel to over places
    2. its a orbiting zero-G lab cures can be tested in zero-g when some cant in G+1
    3. C'mon its awesome.
    4. quite dont understand.

  4. In other words, Proud to be a human being. We cannot hate each other by our difference of living standards, we need to keep all the human hate out of the frame and lets evolve further to make humanity stronger and more succesfull.

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