Magic Spheres – Sick Science! #130


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“For this trick, all you need is a bit of un-popped pop corn and a ball bearing.” It’s the perfect phrase to get all of the people around you excited for a bit of science magic. Many people don’t realize that pop corn and ball bearings have a remarkable chemical reaction that turns the ball bearing into a ping pong ball. In fact, when you perform the demonstration, your audience won’t believe their eyes.

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  1. The trick is both balls and the stuff the balls are put all have different densities from one another, he put in the yellow ball before anything else and then he but in the sand stuff and then the metal ball, when he shook it all the objects went into that order because the metal ball was most dense (bottom), the sand stuff was second most dense (middle), and the yellow ball was least dense (top)

  2. There was already a ping pong ball in the corn. The ball bearing is heavy and more dense so it goes to the bottom. Since there was already a ping pong ball inside the corn the ping pong ball rises because the corn is more dense than the ping pong ball.

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