Space Station 360: Columbus


Explore Europe’s Columbus space laboratory with your mobile phone or VR headset in this panorama.

This 360° panorama lets you explore the International Space Station’s sixth module, Columbus. It was launched on 7 February 2008 on Space Shuttle Atlantis. The laboratory is ESA’s largest single contribution to the Station, and Europe’s first permanent research facility in space.

The state-of-the-art facility offers 75 cubic metres of workspace and contains a suite of research equipment. External platforms support experiments and applications in space science, Earth observation and technology.

Columbus offers European scientists full access to a weightless environment that cannot be duplicated on Earth.

Explore Columbus in Flickr, Facebook or YouTube format with your mobile phone and virtual-reality headset, or take the full tour including all Space Station modules with videos and extra information below. We will release a new Space Station module in 360° every week on Thursday.



Full tour:

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  1. Has this 360-Series anything to do with the Efforts of DSI and others to bring VR-Capture devices to the iss? Or is this an independend project by the esa?

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