Space Station 360: Zarya


Explore the Space Station’s first module with your mobile phone or virtual-reality headset

This 360° video allows you to explore the International Space Station’s first module, Zarya. Launched on 20 November 1998, it was joined three weeks later by the US Unity module. Also known as the Functional Cargo Block, the module is now mainly used for storage.

ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti took the pictures to form these images in June 2015 at the end of her 199-day Futura mission.

Explore this module in Flickr, Facebook or Youtube format with your mobile phone or take the full International Space Station tour on the ESA website with videos and extra information.

Full tour:



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  1. I really hope they make a true 360 tour one day, with a floating camera ball and one of the astronauts dragging it on a string through my modules. Everyone deserves to see what a gorgeous spacecraft I am on my inside (and out) 😀

    (I am surprised this username isn't reserved haha)

  2. ESA isn't there a website that has this, but labeled? You guys made something similar. You should enable the site to work with an oculus rift or Google Cardboard. It'd enable a more interactive tour like experience, with parts labeled and stuff.

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