#6 – An Open Letter to the A.I. – Life, Artificial Intelligence, Raising Children


Usually Smoke Sesh recordings are behind the pay-wall, but we included it in this episode because we were too lazy to clip it out, so its kind of a win-win.The guys talk about the Real World, not the TV show, and Anarchy versus other political views. Are we buying tickets to Anarchy Island? Because I do not want to play Monopoly and the only other game is Murderville… Then, Austin and Ryan experience Post-Honeymoon Stress! They talk Apple, Amazon, Nutrition, and Cooking on a Raw Food diet! If an AI was the whole Earth’s baby, wouldn’t it be a total prick? An AI is basically the 21st Century’s version of a Demon or Genie. Be honest to your kids, for God’s sake. Kardashev’s Civilization Classifications. Would an AI build an AI to deal with its AI problems?

J. Edgar Hoover is suspicious of this podcast… want to know why?

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