AIDA: Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment study


The Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment (AIDA) study examines ways to potentially deflect asteroids from trajectories that could lead to them impacting Earth. The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory would work with NASA and ESA on the mission, which includes two independent spacecraft: an impactor (to be built by APL for NASA) and an impact monitor (to be built by ESA).

The target of this mission is the binary asteroid system Didymos. The impactor would strike the smaller secondary of Didymos, while the monitor would observe and measure any change in the relative orbit.

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  1. That's going to take to be tested. That dream seems more doable. First they would have to find the space stone years before and who had time to ready, shoot and intercept. As lacking funds for NASA and ESA will take long that be built.

  2. Impressive  It would have been good to know a  bit more.  What is the respective masses of each vehicle? Is DART armoured or built more solidly than a commercial sat etc etc

  3. Didn't we do something like this already with the DeepImpact mission?

    It would be pretty ironic if the bring this asteroid on collision course with Earth during this mission.

  4. I would expect these scientists to be more enthused in sharing their latest project info, but the teleprompter reading was so obvious and presentation so stoic they seemed  disinterested….. damn censorship.

  5. hello, if someone would like to present their idea to someone at E.S.A…. how or with whom should I contact?…  This is a serious proposal!!…  you can see my proposal here on youtube by searching: "the best way to deflect asteroids"

  6. 1. capture an asteroid
    2. bring into earth's orbit
    3. attach some rockets to it
    4. steer it into the path of the threat

    we can have several of these defenders in orbit, ready to respond to an attacking asteroid, comet, (or UFO)

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