Ariane 6 launch pad water deluge system test


The water deluge system, which is activated at liftoff, was put to the test on the Ariane 6 launch pad at Europe’s Spaceport in April 2021. This is one of the qualification tests to prepare for the arrival of Ariane 6, Europe’s next generation heavy-lift launch vehicle.

Spraying huge volumes of water on the launch pad and beneath the launch table protects both the launch vehicle and its payloads by absorbing and deflecting the tremendous acoustic energy generated at liftoff. Shockwaves created as engine exhaust gases exceed the speed of sound and collide with ambient air cause noise levels to reach 180 decibels.

Three areas are deluged with water during launch, this is done in sequence.

At 20 seconds before liftoff, water sprays over the steel deflector 25 metres below the launch table. This deflector channels the engine exhaust into the two trenches.

At 6 seconds before liftoff, the exhaust tunnel under the launch table is deluged. This channels the engine exhaust below the launch table and into the underground trenches leading away from the launch pad.

Finally, as Ariane 6 lifts off the ground four arrays of pipes around the sides of the launch table will flood the launch pad.

This water also serves to cool and protect the ground installations, mainly the steel launch table.

About 700 cubic metres of water will be released during launch. This comes from the nearby tower which holds 1200 cubic metres of water. After launch it is refilled with water from a nearby lake.

After launch, any remaining water below the launch table is pumped away.

Credits: ESA- @CNES – @arianespace

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  1. It looks very powerful! How many bar is the pressure differential available? I'm also curious about hot redundancy, do you have a dual or triple pump setup? Nice work, looking forward to seeing Ariane 6 taking off

  2. Blown away by how on Earth you manage to attain such water pressure, on so many cannons at the same time. Just dumbfounds me!!! Awesome never saw a better usage!!!!

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