Automation: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


Automation often seems like a scary new problem, but it’s neither entirely scary nor entirely new.

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  1. Really NO ONE mentioned the moment at 19:05 with Zoey?! That was literally the cutest thing ever! "I feel like you're doing a british accent there Zoey" – it was seriously cute how she emulated his speech and she did it pretty well! Loved that segment!

  2. Can the American people please get robots to replace all members of Congress? Since they are antiquated and ineffective. There r no term limits. They will die in office. Can Jeff bezos do this solution at Amazon ‘prime ‘ light speed . The charade in Congress has gone on long enough. 😳😳😂

  3. Yin-Yang 2020 , . ‘ I’m not a ‘bot.’👍 he would be great , but our current bi-partisan? Old and or corporate structure won’t allow that to happen. But it is positive that he is a new fresh person on the political scene.👍

  4. when regan was hired in 1980 we were plugging up flowing wells. in texas all the work went to the middle east. they claimed it was to keep our oil reserves up. or maybe if the cia starts shit over there war torn countries makes hungry people keeps low wages and the greedy sated. for awhile. all these political pundits are amusing but waste our time as bad as every single corrupt politician .yeah trumps a retard so what. he was hired. your vote does not count.

  5. This episode helps explain what Andrew Yang had been trying to tell all Americans.
    Not sure why other presidential candidates fail to understand or even address this.
    Guys, register to vote in the primaries and please make sure you go out and vote.

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