Baby Soda Bottles


Why are these test tubes called Baby Soda Bottles? Steve Spangler coined this name when he introduced them to teachers everywhere as the world’s greatest test tube for kids. Believe it or not, Baby Soda Bottles are really just that: baby bottles before they are blown up into the 2-liter soda bottles you see in the store. Heres how it works: The tubes are placed into a vacuum mold and heated so they soften. Hot air is then blown into the tube, stretching the warmed plastic to 40 times its original size. When the plastic cools into the shape of the mold, the bottle is ready to fill with your favorite refreshing drink.

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  1. Science was my favorite class, and for 8th grade, my favorite science teacher doesn't teach(no science class)… After watching your videos I am seriously depressed.

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