Back to Mission on This Week @NASA


With the government shutdown over, Administrator Charlie Bolden welcomed employees back to the work of NASA’s mission. Bolden visited Goddard Space Flight Center with Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski for an update on several projects, including the Global Precipitation Measurement mission, the Magnetospheric Multiscale spacecraft and the James Webb Space Telescope. Bolden also visited Mississippi to thank employees at Stennis Space Center for their critical engineering and testing work on the agency’s next generation rocket engines and the staff of the NASA Shared Services Center for their support of the agency during the shutdown. Also, While we were away, Cygnus Completes!, MAVEN in Waiting, SLS Tests, and More Arctic Sea Ice!

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  1. My fellows, employes fron Nasa, i am so happy everybody back, you are the best.My house is your house here in Quatro barras ,Paraná Brazil, i love you guys.G O D bless you all.

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