Battle of Klushino, 1610 ⚔️ Polish invasion of Russia ⚔️ DOCUMENTARY


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🚩 Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth is often thought of as a state that only looked powerful on the map at one point in history, but that its destruction was in fact inevitable, as it got devoured by its neighbours over time. However, the Battle of Klushino is an example of one of the greatest triumphs of the Polish cavalry and of excellence and supremacy of the Polish military in the early 17th century, as well as their ability to project power and influence well beyond its borders.

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  1. Honestly, i have a bit of a giggle every time a Russia video comes up these days on K&G, HistoryMarche, etc

    You just know its going to be inherently political and the comments section is going to be chock full of Eastern Europeans who, on the one hand, decry Russian domination of their lands post-18th century as 'imperialistic', 'chauvinistic', 'fascist' etc, but on the other are happy to talk up the couple of digs their ancestors got in before the ass-kicking really started as 'glorious wins'.

  2. Before the battle Stanisław Zółkiewski didnt have much time to give speech to his soldiers. He realised that Polish army is heavily outnumbered and also tired. To encourage soldiers Żółkiewski was riding from one regiment to another and saying just one sentence in latin language: "Necessitas in loco, spes in virtute, salus in victoria" what in english means: necessity (to fight) in place, hope in virtue, salvation in victory

  3. Fun fact – Tsar Ivan the Terrible was called by Poles as Ivan the Cowardous – for a lots of reasons. During war beetwen Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Russia, Commonwealth citizens often comments situation like below:
    “Even a hen defends its pen better when it is attacked by a falcon. The Tsar himself will hide behind the two-headed Moscow eagle "
    Polish King, Stefan Batory, challenged Ivan to a duel:
    “Take your arms Ivan, and mount on your horse. Let's set a place and time for the meeting. Show courage and faith in the rightness of your cause. Let's cross our swords. In this way, much Christian blood will be spared. If you deny me this satisfaction, you will reaffirm your condemnation and prove that deep in your soul there is no truth, no sense of royal dignity, how do you maintain male or even female dignity. "
    Ivan the Cowardous refused, ofcourse. Russia lost the war in 1582.

  4. It is interesting that some of the hussars' banners charged for over 15 times that day, without even being able to resupply, as the army rushed during the night march without the wagons. Still, in the end, around 10 000 Russians and Swedish were dead in the end of the day, with only 100 Poles suffering the same fate.

  5. I really love how this channel gives me insights on events Ihad never even heard before, and even though those battles do not "concern" my country of origin, I watch those videos with an immense interest, and don't want to lose one bit of it. Super interesting.

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