Battle of Narva, 1700 ⚔️ How did Sweden break the Russian army? ⚔️ Great Nothern War


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🚩 Charles XII was one of the greatest military leaders in European history. He defeated Denmark, Poland, Saxony and Russia in a series of brilliant campaigns. A skilled tactician, he had a good eye for choosing a battleground and insisted on personal leadership in battle. His strategic talent, however, was much criticized, especially his decision to wage a long war in Poland and his Russian campaign in 1707-1709.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

📝 Written by Jonathan Woody

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📚 Sources:
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  1. Karl XII is both an inspirational tale of guts, bravery and leadership. In later battles, he would quite literaly lead from the front. Landing in the first wave in a contested amphibious landing. Its not surprising how he got his army to do almost superhuman things when a truly larger then life figure, chosen by God (which many saw him as) are willing to risk everything leading you into battle.

    He's also a cautionary tale of hubris that came with the belief that he and his army could accomplish almost anything and everything. A belief that came about as a result of victories like this one and also later ones combined with a sense of being the "chosen". In that, he's similar to Napoleon in my mind and the fate of their wars bears striking similarities.

    A great leader of men and tactician but a poor strategist and diplomat leading an empire that was doomed to end, wether it was in this war or later ones.
    Needles to say, things could have been very different in Europe if this war had gone differently.

    The fate of Ukraine might have went a different way if the cossacks had risen up. A weakened russia might not have wrestled south Ukraine from the ottomans and the baltic might not have been forced to endure centuries under russian serfdom, the outcome I personaly am most bitter about. The fate of Finland could also have been very different if Saint Peterburg hadn't risen to prominence under the 18th century

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