Battle of the Three Kings, 1578 ⚔️ Portugal launches a Crusade against Morocco


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➤ Narration by: David McCallion

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  1. Not a good move from our part! It started the decline of the Empire and Portugal will almost imediatly lose independence to spain. All because of this disastrous event the battle of Alcácer Quibir.

  2. (Sebastian, King of Portugal was preparing for the Fez [Morrocco] campaign 3 years ago, he also asked for Spain’s help, Philip II promised the Portuguese king to help provided that he marry his daughter. Sebastan agreed despite his hatred for women..and thus he received 50 ships and 6,500 infantry from Spain, Philip also paid a third of the campaign’s expenses in exchange for a third of the spoils and a third of the coast of Fez)

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