Battle of Yarmouk, 636 ⚔️ Byzantine – Rashidun Clash at Yarmouk


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➤ Narration: David McCallion

➤ Arabic Subtitles by: Faisal Kareem

➤ Music: Courtesy of Epidemic Sound

➤ Sources:
The Islamic Conquest of Syria – by al-Waqidi
Byzantium and the Arabs in the Sixth Century – by Irfan Shahid
Yarmuk 636 AD: The Muslim Conquest of Syria – by David Nicolle
Forgotten Islamic History – by Naeem Ali
The Great Islamic Conquests 632 – 750 – by David Nicolle
Khalid Bin Al-Waleed (The Sword Of Allah) – by Abdul Basit Ahmad
The Byzantine Wars – by John Haldon
Byzantium and the Early Islamic Conquests – by Walter E. Kaegi
The Early Islamic Conquests – by Fred McGraw Donner
Decline and fall of the Sassanian Empire – by Parvaneh Pourshariati

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  1. Historian says that his physical appearence are strikingly similar with his cousin Umar ibn al Khattab.
    Tall, broadchest, strong & robust long arm.
    While Khalid ibn al Walid has a scars in his face from the the smallpox, Umar ibn al Khattab has a bald hair with ambidextrous hands.

  2. most if not all the resources said that the Roman army was more than 120,000 thousand when the Muslim army was only around 20,000 thousand. idk why u said in the video that the roman army was only 45,000 thousand!!

  3. I have been reading about this battle tens of years, but never have I ever been taken like this. I felt I'm in the mid of the battle. You are mazing, keep your fascinating work you deserve tons of stars. Yet you deserve my full respect, get my  standing ovation.

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