BRIDGES, TRANSPORTATION + More Travel-Related Experiments At Home | Science Max | Full Episodes


Humans need to get around the world quite a bit! Luckily over the years, we have mastered travelling through time and space as well as conquering obstacles that nature puts in our way! Join Phil and he discovers the cool science that keeps us moving every day!

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Have you ever done a science experiment and wondered “What would this be like if it were HUGE?” Welcome to Science Max, the exciting series that turbocharges all the science experiments you’ve done at home.

0:00 – Sugar Cube Bridge – Building an arched bridge! Starting with sugar and ending with something strong enough to walk across – it’s all in how you build it. Plus: a giant house of cards, glass so strong you can hit it with a hammer, and exactly how many eggs will support Phil’s weight!

20:58 – Paper airplane – Start by learning how to fold the paper airplane that won the long-distance record. Then Phil tries to make a giant paper airplane to see if it will still fly. Turns out, it’s way harder than you’d think. Plus, terminal velocity and indoor tornadoes!

41:26 – Tinfoil Boat – What makes boats float? Tinfoil doesn’t float, but a boat made of tinfoil does. It’s all about how you build it. Watch as Phil builds his human-sized tinfoil boat wrong several times before he figures it out. Plus, Phil gets into a tub full of the main ingredient in diapers. Why would he do such a thing? For Science!

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