Carbon dioxide ocean–atmosphere exchange


Atmospheric carbon dioxide is the most important human-made greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. Oceans assist in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere: phytoplankton accumulate carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and their chlorophyll colours the ocean’s waters. Satellites use this colour to measure chlorophyll, which helps scientists to calculate how much carbon dioxide is absorbed or emitted.

Copyright: Planetary Visions (credit: ESA/CCI Ocean Colour/Climate Monitoring User Group/Planetary Visions)

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  1. Most phytoplankton is up by 10 TIMES since 1960. Salmon catches by Russia at a record 600,000 tons. CO2 is absorbed in the ocean at high latitudes and released in the tropics; accounting for why CO2 levels are higher in the tropics though little produced there. Warmer and more CO2 is GOOD. Try and name 2 bad things from GW PRESENTLY. You cannot! World grain at a record 2,400m tons. 2 times MORE trees in USA cf.1900. Terrible, eh?

  2. CO2 only accounts for .4% of our atmosphere. And CO2 levels were 10x higher during the last ice age . If CO2 levels were higher why did the earth get cooler and not warmer ? Secondly, if CO2 levels go up .1% , isn't that good for plants and trees that need CO2 to grow ? Wouldn't more CO2 actually increase the growth of forests and our food supply while at the same time releasing more oxygen for us to breathe ? And lastly, if CO2 were really correlated to increased global temperatures , wouldn't the oceans be warming steadily and wouldn't warmer oceans be generating more hurricanes and cyclones ? So why are we not seeing more hurricanes and cyclones ? I think I smell a rat, Demo-rats !!!

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