Carbon Observing Mission Launches on This Week @NASA


NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 mission is underway. Launched from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base, OCO-2 will help track our impact on the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and help us better understand the various human-made and natural sources of CO-2. This is one of five Earth-observing missions scheduled in 2014 — the most Earth-focused missions launched in a single year, in more than a decade. Also, Saucer-shaped vehicle tested, Cygnus Orb-2 launch update, Space Launch System model tests and 10 years exploring Saturn.

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  1. Please do not abuse this. Such as:
    1. By using the moon or nearby planets for garbage dumps or mining exploitations.
    2. Or leave this planet a waste to go frack the hell out of others.
    3. Don't take your wars and sickness with you.
    4. Fix what you have here and get helpful advise form the Creator. Do everything with love and care. Not greed and malicious competition.


  2. Makes me wonder… how is it that plants were abundant during the reign of the dinosaurs when the oxygen levels in the atmosphere was higher than carbon dioxide levels?  It helped animals grow to enormous sizes but plants would have suffered, no?

  3. Why monitor, who profits from wasted time and worthless money. We know what burning oil releases carbon. That 1% with hidden electromagnetic technology. Rockets still burn hydrazine.

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