Change in the Arctic


Satellites play a vital role in monitoring the rapid changes taking place in the Arctic. Tracking ice lost from the world’s glaciers, ice sheets and frozen land shows that Earth is losing ice at an accelerating rate. Currently more than a trillion tonnes of ice is lost each year. The sooner Earth’s temperature is stabilised, the more manageable the impacts of ice loss will be.

Credit: ESA/Planetary Visions

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  1. 1. Ice is not shrinking: you just are seeing it at arbitrary dates… it does expand a few weeks later.
    2. Not saying the climate isn’t changing, but the climate is ALWAYS changing; 100,000 years ago earth was MUCH hotter than it is now… and we are currently exiting an ICE AGE.

  2. The earth is 4.5 billion years old, it will be fine, it will adapt and nature will evolve as it always has done,
    humans might not last though, we could eventually become extinct.

  3. I don't know which is more depressing – the worsening climate situation for life on earth or the knowledge that deniers always turn up in numbers whenever and where ever the situation is highlighted anywhere on social media these days. You'd almost be forgiven for thnking that they had an anti-life agenda. Depression squared.

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