DC Celebrates Curiosity on This Week @NASA


Celebration, when the Curiosity Rover safely found the surface of Mars on August 6, 2012 … and celebration this week on Capitol Hill as NASA and members of Congress mark the one year anniversary of the Martian landing and showcase the ways the rover is helping us get to know Mars. During another event to celebrate Curiosity at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, members of the Curiosity team presented White House officials with a replica of the plaque flown on the mission and signed by the President. Curiosity’s landing ignited a new generation of excitement which grew even more when the rover found evidence that Mars could’ve sustained life in the past. NASA and the rest of Earth looks forward to future finds on Mars from Curiosity and other missions. Also, Bolden Visits Wallops, Asteroid Mission Formulation Review, Following The Water, Preparing For Tomorrow, SLS Design Gets “OK”, NASA Gets New Chief Scientist, X-Ray Eclipse, Commercial Crew Industry Day, Train Like An Astronaut, Promoting Stem & Safety and more!

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  1. Hey there Jonathan Shaw – Seriously – I really do agree with you, to the absolute fullest and to the strongest, that is, if you, when you are suggesting the primary creation of NASA as being the current result of ONE and One Only single Man's devoted and highly dedicated Life's effort – that you are by this foremore thinking of the Heroic and Immortal – One and Only – Wehrner von Braun! Can we both agree about this truth?
    – Tobbe in Sweden –

  2. I wish they would think about different launch techniques, i know i sound like a stupid moron but liquid fuel and oxidizer is heavy, and inefficient, am not suggesting antimatter or something as dangerous, but there is alot of options

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