Discovery, Innovation and New Destinations Highlight “This Year @NASA”


From understanding our Earth, to new clues about possible life elsewhere. From fostering life-changing research in space, to sharing our vision of the future with those destined to journey there.
From the end of one monumental mission, to the beginning of a new era in the human exploration of our solar system. “This Year @NASA” looks back at the stories that made 2011 — and help frame our path ahead.

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  1. The Universe may not be "Perfect", but thank-fully it isn't, for the reason if it was… We would not be in existance…..Meaning when someone tells you , you cant do something. Look at them and tell them that,make sure the realize that people said you could never get an object as heavy as a plane in the air,we did.They said we couldn't make it to the moon, we did. They also say they don't believe that there is life out in the universe, Well its not about believing anymore people itswhat you do.

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