ESA DG talks about the future of human space exploration


ESAWebTV caught up with the Director General of the European Space Agency, Josef Aschbacher, while he was in Florida for the launch of ESA astronaut, Samantha Cristoferetti and the rest of Crew-4.

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  1. I'm glad Europe is getting serious. It was kind of lonely with just Russia and us, the USA. The more people out there, the more politically stable the situation should be.

  2. Human space exploration is too costly now. It's smarter to send more and more probes as there are many places yet to be explored in the Solar system.

  3. to master a solar system is a talent to explore – for everyone alive and everyone to come alive for all of eternity
    (mars belongs to life)

  4. Soviet space achievements

    First satellite in space: Soviet 1957
    First object on mars: Soviet 1971
    First animal to orbit earth: Soviet 1957
    First man in space: Soviet 1961
    First woman in space: Soviet 1963
    First space walk: Soviet 1965
    First object on the moon and another celestial body: Soviet 1959
    First object on venus and a planet: Soviet 1966
    First picture of the far side of the moon: Soviet 1959
    First space station: Soviet 1971
    first animals to orbit the moon and back on earth: Soviet 1968
    First moon flyby: Soviet 1959
    First object to orbit venus: Soviet 1961
    First animals in space and back to earth alive: Soviet 1960
    First audio recording of another planet: Soviet 1970
    First picture from the surface of another planet: Soviet 1970
    First rover on the moon: Soviet 1970
    First successful landing on venus and a planet: Soviet 1970
    First automatic sample return from the Moon: Soviet 1970
    First mars flyby: Soviet 1963
    First soft landing on the moon and another celestial body also first photos from the moon: Soviet 1966
    First soft Mars landing and
    first photograph from Martian surface: Soviet 1971
    First Venus soil samples: Soviet 1982
    First woman on a space station: Soviet 1982
    First spacewalk by woman: Soviet 1984
    First flyby of a comet: Soviet 1986

    American space achievements

    First photograph of Earth from orbit: US 1959
    First object on the far side of the moon: US 1962
    First successful venus flyby: US 1962
    First successful mars flyby: US 1965
    First close-up photographs mars: US 1965
    First humans to orbit the moon: US 1968
    First man on the moon and another celestial body also first sample return from the moon: US 1969
    First jupiter flyby: US 1973
    First mercury flyby: 1974
    First successful soil samples from the surface of Mars: US 1976
    First uranus flyby: US 1986
    First neptune flyby: US 1989
    First mission into the atmosphere of a gas giant: US 1985
    First landing on an asteroid: US 2001
    First sample return from comet: US 2006
    First pluto flyby: US 2015

    ESA space achievements

    First landing on Titan: ESA 2005
    First soft landing in the outer Solar System: ESA 2005
    First artificial probe to make a planned and soft landing on a comet: ESA 2014

    Japanese space achievements

    First sample return from asteroid: japan 2010
    First rover on a asteroid: japan 2018

    Chinese space achievements

    First soft landing on the far side of the Moon; also first germination of seeds on another celestial body: China 2019

  5. São noticias fantásticas ESA …a exploração é a evolução!! O mundo é o motor do conhecimento por isso há que dar ambição e velocidade a estas fantásticas ambições!! Todos esperamos essa grande aceleração espacial!!

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