ESA Euronews: Hunting Earth-like exoplanets


In this edition of Space, Euronews correspondent Jeremy Wilks reports from the Observatory of Geneva – home to experts in exoplanets, the name given to planets outside our solar system.

So far they have managed to find more than 3500, but they believe there could be literally billions of them across the Milky Way.

The first exoplanet to be discovered was what’s known as a hot Jupiter, a giant gas planet orbiting close to its star. That discovery, made by University of Geneva professor Michel Mayor in 1995, kick-started a revolution in astronomy, one which at the time of our interview put the number of exoplanets at 3559 and counting.

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  1. I love the quality of these esa videos. People often forget all the amazing things that come from a european colaboration. The EU is the best thing that could have happend to europe

  2. I wish that they'd use regular subtitles for the different languages instead of these somewhat annoying voice overs. Great production quality for sure though!

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