ESA Euronews: The Space Truck


The European cargo spacecraft ATV is the most complex vehicle ever built to re-supply an International Space Station.
It can take nearly eight tonnes of cargo and uses artificial intelligence to accomplish some of its more complicated manoeuvres.
The Space Truck and its possible developments are the theme of this episode of ‘Space’.

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  1. Isnt the Japanese ATV able to reenter? Or did i get sth wrong.
    Anyways…the ATV is a masterpiece of ESA engeneering ! Way to go guys.

  2. @RageCookieX I'm afraid you're wrong, JAXA's HTV cannot re-enter the Earth's atmosphere, although there are proposals to make a new version of the spacecraft with re-entering capabilities called HTV-R. All this is under study, as well as the ARV (ATV with re-entering capabilities).

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