Five Divers – Sick Science! #200


We’ve found an awesome new science activity that uses Cartesian divers. No, it’s not Hook or Squidy, although they are pretty awesome, too. We’re talking about the Five Divers experiment. This project features, you guessed it, five individual Cartesian divers, but they’re all in the same bottle. Give the bottle a squeeze and watch as more divers sink as the pressure increases. Try it for yourself!

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  1. Nut is bsically giving the pipettes the weight that is required to pull them down in water. Air in pipettes make them float. When the bottle is pressed, it creates a temporary vaccuum or displacement of water from the sides of the bottle to top or bottom. Those pipettes which have more air has lesser density in the pipette. Lower density pipettes are first one to move towards the vaccuum. And hence the pipette that has the least air comes last as it is the highest in density among pipettes. When you release the bottle, the opposite happens.

  2. The pipette heads have different densities with different amounts of water in them, so the less dense go down slower that the more dense ones.

  3. The real question is just how does the density change?

    1- We know that buoyancy has to do with displacement.

    2- Density has to do with the weight and volume.

    So what changes to make them go up or down?

  4. When you squeeze the 2 liter bottle, air pressure releases and the water fills in all of the air at the top increasing the volume and then lowering the density which makes the pipet sink because it has a greater mass and density than the rest of the bottle.

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