Hear from Record-Breaking NASA Astronaut Christina Koch


NASA astronaut Christina Koch returned to Earth on Thursday, Feb. 6 after logging 328 days in space – the longest spaceflight in history by a woman.

Hear from the inspirational astronaut in a post flight news conference at 3:30 p.m. EST Wednesday, Feb. 12 from our Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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  1. Total phoney. Her reaction to allegedly opening the window cover on the soyuz and seeing earth is wrong. She returned to Houston so I wonder which beach she went to. I also wonder how old her dog is. It looks less than a year old to me.

  2. I heard you're gonna use solar pannels for the mars base theres just one proplem mars dosent get alought of sun light 50% of the time so ide suggest using radioactive power as an back up also when u get to mars pls recharge the mars rover

  3. Since you have disabled comments on your fiscal budget update i'll leave it here. Thank you! Donald Trump for seeing the importance of space exploration and the science around it! I have always since a little boy looked up to the stars and wanted to somehow be apart of it! However sadly I was one of those people who struggled with math and everything around it. To the brave men and women who get the chance to be apart of these wonderful projects to explore our galaxy and the unknown which is a lot! I see a bright future for you and Nasa as long as Donald Trump remains in office and this budget remains unchanged or better yet gets ramped up. Trump 2020!

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