How do you feel after the first few months in orbit?


Frank De Winne is answering a few questions on the ISS submitted by the pupils of Class 7M from the Christian Morgenstern School in Hersching (Germany):

– Jerome (13): How do you feel in orbit after 2 months?
– Karina (13): How much time do you spend working outside the ISS?
– Tamara: Do you have any real free time in the ISS, and how can you spend this time? How often do you contact your family?
– Antoine (13): Have you ever felt scared in orbit? Has there ever been a moment that you wished to be back on Earth?
– Regina (14): Has anything strange happened on the ISS that none of your colleagues have been able to explain?
– Flavu: Which kind of education and qualification do you need for this kind of work?

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