Can you feel the speed at which the ISS travels?


Frank De Winne is answering a question on the ISS submitted by Paul from Portugal:
When you do your EVA (space walk), can you feel the speed (28.000 Km/h) at which the ISS is travelling?

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  1. PlotTwist: The astronaut and the iss is same speed, unless the iss starts using boosters or slows down
    Fact: You can try this in kerbal space program

    Earth orbit speed is 8km/s and iss is going 7,66km/s or 27.576 km/h but in this video at 8:08 is going 143.845m/s thats 155,43km/h thats 5 times speed of iss!

  2. On the EV outside how can you survive 27 Thousand KM a hour . Like you said the craft is feeling the pressure not the astronauts because their inside. But outside they should be feeling 27 thousand Km an hour and their not, why not ! . ☘️

  3. Earth circumference is about 40000km at equator.
    At the speed of 28000km/h, ISS orbits the earth in 90minutes.
    So in 24hours, it orbits the earth 16 times.
    Isn't it fascinating?

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