How Much Does a Thought Weigh?


How Much Does a Thought Weigh? a.) As much as an electron
b.) As much as a water molecule
c.) As much as a mosquito

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* The relationship between information and energy comes from Landauer’s Principle, which connects the erasure of information and energy. But, more generally changes in information (e.g. recording information) are related to changes in energy. I will talk more about this in a future episode about the physics of memory, and why you will forget everything you ever knew!

* The numbers calculated in this video give a lower limit on the energy to record a particular amount of information, but to create a more permanent storage of information would require more energy.

* Retina display resolution, as it’s name implies, is similar to the eye’s resolution.


Host, Producer: Greg Kestin

Researcher: Samia Bouzid

Samia Bouzid
Greg Kestin

Animation & Compositing:
Danielle Gustitus
Greg Kestin

Contributing Writer:
Lissy Herman

Scientific Consultants:
Frank Haist
Murti Salapaka

Filming, Writing, & Editing Contributions from:
Samia Bouzid
David Goodliffe
Brian Kantor

Guest Appearances:
Lindsey Chou
Ana Aceves
Drew Gannon

Editorial Input form:
Julia Cort
Anna Rothschild

Special thanks:
Ari Daniel
Allison Eck
Fernando Becerra
Gil Kaplan
Eric Brass
Lauren Miller
And the entire NOVA team

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Funding provided by FQXi

Music provided by APM
Sound effects:
Neuron & Digital Brain footage: Pond5

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