ISON update on This Week @NASA


With a more than ninety percent probability that Comet ISON broke apart from a major heating event on its approach to the sun Thanksgiving Day, the search is on for what’s left of it. NASA will use a variety of space and Earth based telescopes to monitor the comet over the next several weeks, before the fate of ISON can be confirmed. Also, Orion’s heat shield, Blue Origin milestone, Rover Challenge, Stone awarded medal and Celebrating Centaur.

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  1. you at know and i know that ison is a brown dwarf sun larger than jupiter.and if you dont blast a couple of nukes(a large one then a small one right behind it to blow the shock wave away from us to deflect not destroy this brown dwarf from sagA*our galactic centers black hole that erupted 26 thousand years ago.we are dead.i saw 5 or 6 asteroids enter the atmosphere on the west coast yesterday morning,from the debris  field.ison burns green from need to launch conventional war heads ahead of us to clear our orbital path;or every thing that drinks water is dead..point two microns takes 3 months to 3 years to filter in from the upper atmosphere,and poison all water on our planet.what do we pay you for?are you ALL RETARDS?your just going to let this thing destrroy all life and possibly the planet?grow some balls assholes.what the bleep are you doing we are all going to die.cause our rocket science people dont have enough common sence to use a catchup bottle.WHAT THE *)&%$@w$%.

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