ISS reboost


Ever wondered what happens inside the International Space Station during a reboost? ESA astronaut Tim Peake filmed inside during last week’s firing of the Progress thrusters.

Even at 400 km, there are still enough molecules of the atmosphere to create some ‘atmospheric drag’, which causes the Station to drop by about 2 km a month. Because of this we need to raise the Station’s orbit every so often. On 17 February the engines of the Progress M-29M spacecraft that is docked to the aft port of the Zvezda module were fired for 11 minutes.

The burn primarily focused on raising the Station’s perigee, making the orbit more circular.

Pre-reboost: 398.2 x 407.4 km – inclination 51.64° – Period: 92.62min
Post-reboost: 402.1 x 406.9 km – inclination 51.64° – Period: 92.66min

More about the Principia mission:

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  1. ISS slowly impacts tiny stray air particles slowing down ISS to lower orbits, which is why they reboost the stationMost likely those particles are Air & spent RCS
    If you wanna Make a station that never loses orbit, you would have to make it extremely hig

  2. Show Primary/High School kids (commonwealth country's sorry US) this after asking questions like if you are in a truck and you jump when the truck takes off, do you have the same speed as the truck when you land back onto the truck? Cause you're still in the truck the whole time right?
    Then that would get the student's attention and ready to get involved when you begin to explain the whole concept of inertia. Nothing like trying to explain different frame of references to newly introduced kids. Actually if more of this was done in schools, less students and then adults will believe in this "flat Earth" BS. Poor kids. Get them out of the stupid bubble they are put in by adults, probably just to get them to shut up in class and do the numerous sheets of "school work". It's fucking rediculious, get them bloody involved in the subject not just regurgitate a textbook word for word and then do "tests" with iconic words sought after to basically judge that test. Eg. Something something, something… 'inertia' something something… 'difference in velocities' something something, something more….

  3. I wish someone would make an animation of the ISS going 17Kmph above the ground at about 1000ft altitude, just to see what it would look like as you are standing on the ground.

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