LADEE Launches! On This Week @NASA


LADEE, the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer robotic probe launched Friday night atop an Orbital Sciences Corporation Minotaur V rocket. The first deep space mission from Wallops Flight Facility, LADEE will orbit the moon to collect information about its atmosphere and environmental influences on lunar dust. Data from LADEE will help scientists better understand other planetary bodies in our solar system. Also, Antares Update, Asteroid Ideas Selected, MAVEN’s Wings, Next ISS Crew, Testing, Testing!, Lori Garver Farewell, Be Prepared! and more!

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  1. it is very important to build all satellites with hands and as well all cars with hands on top, so they can automatically repair themselves and refuel, as well improve and do many more functions. I like that.

  2. You mean like when Russia back in the early space days sent Lunokod to the moon surface? We just mimic what we did with Mars. Combination of rovers and orbital observatories, which also act as data relay back to Earth. And that will make it easier for us when we humans start setting our boots back there again

  3. Hey John; I SO Much agree with you – and – Truly, it would be so Fascinating if only the Obama Administration & the NASA Leading Board would soon solidly decide to speed up the efforts a bit, to now convince the guys who currently sits on the Financial and Budgetal needed means, to shake lose a bit and provide the NASA with Real money enough to Really Start planning on sending Manned Missions back to the Lunar Surface AGAIN & then get on with the Permanent Surface Bases needed there! GO for it!

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