Lisa Pathfinder end of Mission


The LISA Pathfinder mission ends on 18 July 2017 after a successful demonstration of the technology needed to detect gravitational waves in space. These vibrations in spacetime, first predicted by Einstein over a hundred years ago, are produced by huge astronomical events – such as two black holes colliding – and will allow scientists to open new windows into our universe.

The success of the LISA Pathfinder mission has paved the way for the newly selected LISA mission which, when built and launched, will detect gravitational waves from objects up to a million times larger than our Sun.

The film features interview soundbites from Dr Paul McNamara, LISA Pathfinder Project Scientist, at the European Space Agency’s European Technology and Science facility (ESTEC) in The Netherlands.

More about LISA Pathfinder:

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  1. Lisa & Ligo song – to tune of A Few of my Favourite things lol

    LIGO did land based,
    and LISA is in space.
    Little gold cubes,
    floating free in a space ship.
    One day we'll find out if
    gravitational waves,
    can be low frequency
    and also high!

    LIGO land bound,
    LISA space bound
    cubes floating free.
    Science is good,
    and science is great
    Knowledge for you; and me. 🙂

  2. If SpaceX can launch 60 auto driving satellites this year on one rocket and then dozens of laser communicating satellites soon, NASA and the ESA should have been able to come up with something for 3 laser satellites years ago not by 2034.

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