Mars Rover Launches on This Week @NASA


The NASA Mars Science Laboratory launched from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, beginning its journey to the Red Planet. When it arrives at Gale Crater next August, Curiosity rover’s ten instruments will investigate whether that area of Mars could ever have sustained microbial life. Also, ISS spinoff; Bolden on tour: lander test; best of the feds; money saver; high-flying feast, and more.

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  1. @antonioaugustogurgel Well the public isn't that hungry anymore.
    I for one think we should triple the size of Nasa's budget.
    And go big. Asteroid field. And Mars.
    All before 2025!! That would be awesome!
    I hope to be alive while it happens.

  2. @GeorgeChar95 Yeah but how do you get people excited about space stuff?
    I have been reading books about space exploration ever since I was 7.
    That's why I try to stay informed. But most people simply aren't informed about what's going on.
    It barely gets coverage. I don't see that changing anytime soon.
    The only thing people think they know about space is how America 'faked' the moon landing.

  3. @TOTCD well am reading books since i was 6 or 7 don't really remember… but anyway after all this reading i am fascinated by space since i am an Amateur Astronomer (i have a telescope) and i love it. Some people might find it boring but i don't care since i love what i do and i do it for me:)

    Oh and i hope you don't really believe that the moon landing was faked because it wasn't faked it really hapeeneed

  4. @GeorgeChar95 Yeah I know it happened.
    I was talking about those who claim it didn't.
    They don't know much about the space program to begin with

  5. @GeorgeChar95 That's because NASA hasen't been able to get people interested in space… maybe they should do another manned mission.

    The rocket technology/propulsion technology hasen't increased in about thirty years.

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