Mars500 video diary 1 – Diego’s guided tour


Diego Urbina (@diegou) takes us on tour inside the Mars500 facilities – see how the crew are living and working for the next 17 months in isolation.

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  1. @halnicholas Well, they better get a handle on the hygiene issue quick. It's bad enough you gotta be locked in an airtight container for a year and a half smelling 5 other guys farts. But no shower AND no women (or woman-like substitute)? I think I can smell the failure from here.
    I wonder how history will record the first murder in space?

  2. Insted of the dvds they should have a bouch of hdds o ssds. Then they could have all the movies in the world on that shelf. And with a million dollar hdd or ssd it sould be better than a usual one. :p

  3. @IguanaGirlStudios
    Having a rotating ship would give it 'artificial gravity', but it will have to be big, so that there isn't a significant difference in 'gravity' between your head and feet. Hopefully, by the time the Mars Mission happens, we will have the technology to do
    Weightlifting in zero gravity, though, will be a lot easier, and water fights would be quite interesting

  4. @handplanty how are you gonna play wii fit and rock band drums with no gravity?
    also why do they have videos when they could have a HDD with hundreds of videos?

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