Matt Damon at NASA’s Mars Mission Control Center


Matt Damon talks about science, NASA and the collaboration with Andy Weir on this “…Love letter to science” known as “The Martian” during a visit to NASA’s Mars Mission Control Center at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

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  1. My goodness, what a load of cynics here! I was fortunate to have been born in the Sixties, where that generation believed anything was possible and that they could change the world for the better.

    ĺ pity you guys today, who have no vision, no faith in anything and no hope.

  2. I am so going to watch that movie and I believe in the future of colonizing Mars. We have to go! This earth will go ; maybe ? But might as well have plan B ready. For some parts in our future we did not do so well and we do know, it will bite our butts; we don't want to admit that. Then we the humans always wanted to see whats behind the horizon and g all the way.

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