Mr.Bot (Lego Mindstorms Artificial Intelligence) – Lego Mindstorms Creations


| Lego Mindstorms Artificial Intelligence | a Lego Mindstorms Creation by -Robotilus-

Robotilus 2015

Project Description:
Build a labyrinth. Place the robot inside. Start the program. The robot will choose the best way to get out itself!


1 EV3 set 31313


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  1. Working with your Mr. Bot and have built it and downloaded the program for it. When I run it, it will scan the 360 and then either go into a continuous 360 spin or drive into a wall. Do you have some suggestions/help with this

  2. I am wanting to take this project to county fair and am having some issues with it. I was hoping you might be able to help me out. I have checked the sensor and it is working. It sometimes will scan the area and then go around in circles until I stop it. Other times, it will just barge through the barrier and keep going. Have you had any of these issues?

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