NASA Asian American Pacific Islander History Month – Alex Chin, Armstrong Flight Research Center


Alex Chin is an aerospace engineer in the Aerostructures Research Branch at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. He is responsible for planning, executing, and analyzing tests to support structural dynamics research at Armstrong.

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  1. 不就是个亚裔历十月嘛,你们怎么那么专字眼儿,正因为亚裔在NASA是少数,是弱者,所以才能得到关注,弄个什么什么日,表示NASA人性化的一面,包容的一面,世界大同的一面···

  2. This is probably the most overly specific "shower this arbitrary race in compliments for no reason" month I've seen yet. Keep up the laughs, NASA. It's not like you have a limited budget, or anything.

  3. How about we respect and celebrate all races and mixed races equally throughout the whole year instead of having specific 'race' categories every fracking month…?

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